Bourbon Passport

All Bourbon is Whiskey – Not all Whiskey is Bourbon

Our Bourbon Society was established for Bourbon aficionados who want to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Bourbon’s culture, history, diversity and flavor profiles through selection, open discussions, lectures and education.

Our collection gives you the perfect opportunity to sample the characteristics of 30 different Bourbon’s from the Blue Grass and other bourbon distilling States and the various distilleries

Fatboys Bourbon Flights have been crafted by our bourbon experts. Each flight includes three (3) ¾ oz tastings and is accompanied with a side of water and ice.

We would also like to invite you to participate in our Vintage Bourbon Tastings & Food Pairing Events throughout the year, which will be hosted by Industry experts, our Pit Chief and guest Chefs

Get your passport stamped for every Bourbon sample you enjoy. Once your passport is complete and verified, you will receive a custom Bourbon Society t-shirt and be entered into a draw to WIN an All -Expense Bourbon Tour in Louisville Kentucky for you and a guest

How to become a member

Stop by Fatboys Southern Smokehouse any day/night of the week and ask your server for a registration form. You must order a flight to start, but can complete your passport at your leisure with as many single orders or flights as you wish. Your passport will be kept on site with a number given specifically to you. For each visit once you’ve joined you need only ask for your passport by name or number and we will happily show you your progress!

Cheers and please enjoy responsibly

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